Become a Driving Instructor with PassersHub


  • Within the PassersHub team we have driving instructor trainers, who have over 30 year’s experience who can train you.


  • We can help you with Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of your Driving Instructor Test.



  • We also have instructors with over 10 years’ experience as fleet instructors and fleet trainers.


  • Why learn with just any company and get stuck into a lengthy contract. We can offer a vast amount of experience and guidance to pass you’re Driving Instructor Tests quickly and with ease. Our instructors cover the whole of greater Manchester and we offer a free pick up and drop off service.



  • At PassersHub we understand that the decision to become a driving instructor can be a big one for anybody, so we do the best to explain the process and work with you step by step to make the learning process at all the different stages comfortable and enjoyable.


  • We can also help you if you have a standard’s check coming up with Pre-Standard’s Check assessments.


Join today and become from the hundreds of people that we have already helped to become a qualified driving instructor for only £1499. Please Enquire for further details.

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