We´ll take you from a complete novice and make you a safe, confident driver for life!


You are right at the start of an amazing journey which is going to change your life forever, and right now you need the best beginner driving lessons course available to give you the start you need to pass your driving test.


We understand that due to it being your first driving lesson you could be nervous, shy or confused and not know what to expect. You do not need to worry with Passers Hub Driving School as our highly professional and friendly driving instructors will guide you step by step. On your first driving lesson they will take you to a quieter area where there’s less traffic and fewer people to bother you, as you get started.


The first driving lesson is called the “Controls Lesson” and you will be driving!


In this driving lesson you will become accustomed to the controls, learn how to get the right seating position, adjusting your mirrors for optimum all round vision. The first driving lesson is always a two hour lesson so we can work with you at a pace that suits you and is not rushed, This will also enable you to understand everything properly and build a strong foundation and give you time for any question may have along the way.


At the end of the first lesson we’ll give you a personal Accelerated Learning Pupil Progress Chart, and we will have recorded your progress. This document is vital, not only does It help you keep track of how well you are doing, it ensures your learning is structured to save you time and money!


We look forward to working with you to help you get your driving licence and the independence, improved social life and better career opportunities that accompany it.