Refresher Lessons

There are numerous reasons each year which make qualified drivers decide to take refresher driving lessons to renew their knowledge. Perhaps, it has been some time since you were last in control of a vehicle and you need a few pointers to get you back out on the road and enjoying driving once more. Alternatively, like many UK Motorists, you could feel uncomfortable driving on motorways or driving in the dark. Whatever your reason, Passers Hub Driving Instructors are on hand to offer support and guidance to help you get back on the road


Asking for Refresher Lessons isn’t something you feel embarrassed about, it’s actually the most sensible thing to do if you’ve had a significant break from driving.


At Passers Hub Driving School all of our lessons are tailored to the persons individual needs and you can take as few or as many refresher lessons as you need.


Towards the end of your Refresher lessons you may want the instructor to accompany you for your first drive in your own car and, as long as it’s taxed, insured and road legal we’ll be happy to do just that.