What is an intensive driving or crash course?


Intensive driving courses are a growing and more popular alternative to the traditional approach of having 1 driving lesson per week. If you are looking to pass your driving test quickly but feel that the crash course, we offer will be to intense and does not suit your learning style then this is the course for you.


Many learners waste serious amount of cash because they take hourly lessons or one lesson a week. If you went to school and did French or you were learning the guitar and you just did one hour a week of practice, it is going to take you a long while to learn. Why ? Because you forget things, (this is called skill fade).


This course is tailored to your needs, with an aim to get you to pass your driving test as soon as possible. The course normally consists of two-hour lessons where possible depending on concentration levels. You learn much more in one 2 hour lesson than two 1 hour lessons. So that alone means you will need 10 hours less than if you have 1 hour lessons.


Now imagine how much your learning will be accelerated if you have 2, 3, 4 or 5 two hour lessons each week. With little to no skill fade our experience shows you will reach test standard approximately 10 times faster than if you were just having 1 hour lessons.


Passers Hub Driving school excels in this type of teaching, with our fully qualified DVSA instructors we have on the team we can help you pass your driving test very quickly. We have many students that have passed their driving test with an intensive course.


Once you have purchased the course, we will allocate you to one of our professional and friendly driving instructors who can best accommodate your schedule. Once we have allocated you, he/she will call you and agree on a start date, times and pick up location.


The final 2 hours of all Intensive driving test courses are for the driving test day, This includes the use of the driving instructor’s vehicle for the test. The DVSA do not provide cars so you will need to use your driving instructor’s vehicle.


Your practical tests will be booked by your driving instructor, with your driving lessons being structured with that test date in mind. This will ensure you are fully prepared and confident to pass your driving test.